Monday, November 12, 2012


Tomorrow’s the beginning of the new semester so I’d be quite busy for the next couple of days. I would be acting like a perfect student so, yeah. Haha! But I’d still update my blog. Passion for fashion comes first. *winks*
Anyways, here is my outfit.  

I tried using a hat for a change. It looked pretty cute so I liked it. The color’s lavender which was a plus point. And I showed a hint of smile, not sure if it’s weird or what. Haha! The dress was lovely, too. Specially the details around the neckline - Sequins!

Elegant accessories!
What do you think of this look?

Dress - Bangkok Dress Shop
Accessories - The Fashion Republic
Hat - Hats On
Hype this look here.
PS. I’ve always, like always, wanted to visit Paris. Roam around and all that. Taste their yummy food. See the Eiffel Tower. And someday I WILL!

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